Saturday, 27 April 2013

Merrie Olde (Part One): Bridges

And now, as a group of wise men once said, for something completely different. Having spent several years in London, Ontario, it feels more like home (although probably nowhere will ever feel quite as much like home as Kingston, ON). The odds are good that in the next year or so, life will sweep us away to some new vista and new adventures... so I'm in a reflective mood about London. I thought I would try to capture some of its individual character in a series of photo essays on various things about the city. I'm not a photographer, and the limitations of my iPod camera will probably show here, but I think it should be enough to give you a taste of London...

In this episode, I'll be showing you the first thing that jumped out at me when I gave some thought to London's character: its many bridges. The city is built around the banks of the Thames River -- one of many rather twee references to the other London that surround us here -- and that means there are many, many bridges that cross the river to facilitate the necessities of life. The river loops around the downtown and forks, and there are a number of very nice walking paths that follow the water. 

Foot / cycle bridge near downtown
Looking NW across the Forks
Automobile bridge crossing at the Forks

High water marker - Flood of '35
Ducks and geese sporting along the banks
Blackfriar's Bridge
Another view of Blackfriar's Bridge. Note wooden surface.
(Older!) Railway bridge near Oxford.
Platts Lane underpass.

Railway overpass near Oxford.

Oxford St. auto bridge.

Another view of the railway bridge at Oxford. Creepy!
That's all for now. There will probably be more stuff from along the riverbank as the weather becomes more tolerable and less like a frozen hellhole, and Megan and I explore the many walking trails in the area.

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