Friday, 21 August 2015

RPGaDay2015: Setting the Record Straight

21. Favourite RPG Setting?

Tricky question. A lot of ones that I like. I was inclined to vote for my own Victorian vampire slayer setting, SUNSET EMPIRE, but I feel like that would be cheating. The clear intention of the question is which published setting do I like the best.

So I have to say...

...DEADLANDS wins for me. It combines my love for several genres - Westerns, post-apocalypse, and film noir - and stirs them together in a rootin' tootin' shootin' gumbo. The Weird West portion of Deadlands will always be my first love, because I love a good Western, but I also got a long, good campaign out of the Wasted West.

Honorable mention to the GODLIKE/WILD TALENTS timeline, for all your alt-history superhero gaming needs, and the magnificent KERBEROS CLUB for Victoriana injected into WILD TALENTS. Just astonishingly good stuff.

22. Perfect gaming environment?

I've played games in a lot of settings, from classrooms to basement rumpus rooms to living rooms to outdoor patios, with fireflies flitting around nearby. Comfort notwithstanding, I think playing around the kitchen table (or a large table, generally, if you are lucky enough to have a games room) is still the optimal choice. It's very important to be able to see and hear everyone clearly, and keep up the level of attention around the table. Sometimes living room couches etc. are just a little too comfortable. And since we often making eating a meal or snack and possibly enjoying a glass of wine part of our regular gaming experience, the kitchen is the best place.

Now, if I had an unlimited amount of disposable income, I would love to purchase a nice big meeting table like you see in posh offices, with big comfy office chairs, lots of table space, whiteboards (or perhaps a projector) to mark things on, and a dynamite lighting and audio system. But that's just capitalist conditioning talking. The kitchen table FTW.

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