Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Adaptation #RPGaDay2017

15. Which RPG do you enjoy adapting the most?

This one's no contest. Definitely SHADOWRUN.

I've run SHADOWRUN with a lot of systems over the years -- most recently, using FATE ACCELERATED, but also with SAVAGE WORLDS and even MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS. Pretty much anything hits the sweet spot for me better than the original system, which I find baffling and arcane (even having played it for several years in a long, good campaign in Kingston).

It's funny -- there are a lot of things about SHADOWRUN that should chafe, but it somehow works for me. Despite the bum mechanics, the fairly absurd premise, the focus on "dungeon crawls with guns", and the fact that it's Cyberpunk Buttwyth Magick, I've found it engaging and inspiring for a long time. Maybe since I first saw that epic Larry Elmore cover, above. I've run two long-run campaigns with very different tones that I felt were very successful. Whether it's high-powered corporate intrigue or dirty crime stories you want, SHADOWRUN can scratch that itch.

I had a little hope that the rumours of a "Shadowrun Lite" that were making the rounds might finally mean that I'd be able to play the game in something like its native system, but SHADOWRUN ANARCHY wasn't "lite" enough for my tastes.

But no worries. There will always be another system I can hack to do it.

Say, NIGHT'S BLACK AGENTS would probably be pretty sweet for this too...

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