Thursday, 3 August 2017

The New Hotness #RPGaDay2017

3. How do you find out about new RPGs?

Generally through social media. I follow a lot of game creators, and so I've often heard about something new they're working on (or something one of their friends is working on) long before it's actually available to purchase. Twitter and G+ are my platforms of choice, and to a lesser extent, Facebook. And, with Kickstarter casting such a big shadow over the industry, I often get to be among the first who play a new game, sometimes even before the books are completely done.

It's one more thing that makes the "too many games, too little time" problem so difficult. Not only are there all the existing games I've sunk money into waiting to be played, there are all the adorable baby games waiting for love and affection...

4. Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

Probably BASIC ROLEPLAYING, the venerable percentile-based RPG I've been using to power my postapocalyptic online game, NOD. It's old fashioned and perhaps inelegant, but it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. And it has an very good one-page character sheet on Roll20 that makes my job a lot easier.

At our table, we've played a fair number of PbtA games over the last year. A few sessions of MASKS, some URBAN SHADOWS, some MONSTERHEARTS 2. (There are probably others I'm forgetting.) Last fall, we were winding down my Fate-based immortals game Not Fade Away, so we only got in a couple of sessions of that in the fall before it wrapped. Rob has been running a few sessions of his powered-by-Cortex Plus version of TIMEWATCH this spring and summer, and I've run a couple of sessions of my haunted house game No One Gets Out Alive.

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