Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sometimes They Come Back #RPGaDay2017

9. What is a good RPG to play for about 10 sessions?

Somewhere around 10 sessions is the usual sweet spot for all of the games we play at our table, and we rarely go beyond that (except for games that have multiple "seasons").

I think the typical PbtA game tends to come to a boil by about session 8, though, so maybe play APOCALYPSE WORLD or one of its many children. Or you could play a game like PRIMETIME ADVENTURES with a pre-established number of sessions in the season "arc". (The longer series arc probably pushed us toward our current sweet spot of ten sessions, TBH.)

10. Where do you go for RPG reviews?

Wherever I find them. Often, it's from friends or designers on G+ who are sharing their impressions of a new game they're playing, but sometimes I'll seek out reviews of specific games that have caught my interest before buying in. I don't really go to a specific place to deliberately read a bunch of random reviews, but if I did, I suppose it would be, where they have a vast archive of them.

11. What "dead" game would you like to see reborn?

I feel like this is a premise I don't really accept, first off, because there are just too many brand new games for me to possibly play them all, and I don't spend my time pining after old games. Life is too short, and there are a limited number of hours in the day that you can spend playing.

That said, I suppose it isn't any fun if I don't name something old that I really enjoyed back in the day, so we can all be nostalgic and shit. Since Jeff Dee and Jack Herman's VILLAINS & VIGILANTES, a game that I played the hell out of for years, is already being brought back in a new edition, I suppose the game I remember the most fondly from the old days would be this one...

I loved the Ninja Turtles in high school, when I was just beginning to get into comic books that were outside the mainstream (although that distinction didn't matter so much when the TMNT became a media sensation). The RPG came along at the perfect moment, and hit exactly the right notes, allowing me to play the mutant raccoon commando of my dreams years before Rocket Raccoon conquered the movie world.

That sweet, sweet mutant animal generation system was a real gem, and I would love to see a modern successor that is wedded to a modern game system. FATE or M&M or ICONS would be awesome. It seems like a perfect fit as a Fate World, so I'm not sure why somebody out there hasn't done a TMNT-with-the-numbers-filed-off game by now...?

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